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Menu of the day

Whether you are coming for a lunch break, a late snack or a cup of tea, ‘Poniu Laime’ holds room for more than 50 guests. They are sold for a very reasonable price. Dishes served here are freshly made in the kitchen of our famous hotel and restaurants.



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Lunch and dinner breaks
Every day, our team of cooks prepares new dishes made with fresh ingredients. From the morning to late in the evening, there is a selection of fresh cold and warm dishes.






Here is a small sample of the products and prices you can find in our shop:

Club sandwich Ham and Cheese 5.50 lt/pce
Club sandwich fried Turkey  5.50 lt/pce
Club sandwich Smoked Salmon  6 lt/pce
Kibinai (dough and minced meat made in our kitchen)  5.00 lt/pce
Pancake with cottage cheese 4.50 lt /pce
Pancake with meat 4.50 lt/pce
Pancake with apples 3.50 lt/pce
Quiche with vegetables 4.50 lt/100 gr.
Beetroot soup (only in summer) 6 lt/soup
Soup of the day 5 lt
Cabbage rolls with meat 5 lt/pce
Potatoes with cream 2 lt/100 gr.
Cooked vegetables 3 lt/100 gr.