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Chill-out Räume



Either for a drink or a meal prepared by our gourmet restaurant’s chef, the terrace is accessible from our hotel’s main entrance. From May to end of October, the guests of our bar and hotel are welcomed on our summer terrace.

It’s possible also to organize the personal Celebration here!


Ziemos sodas

 The winter garden is very popular among the hotel guests. It is also accessible from Stikliai’s bar.
Have a seat and enjoy all the light coming from the glass roof or relax in the evening with a good book, next to the fireplace.
The winter garden can also host group dinners, prepared in the kitchen of our restaurant.



Snooker room

Opened to our guests that are staying at Stikliai’s bar or at Stikliai’s hotel, the

snooker is opened from Monday to Sunday, from 11 Am to midnight. In a hunting lodge atmosphere, the snooker hosts up to 10 players.

Players will enjoy the proximity of the bar, as well as a high quality snooker table and cues.