Cold and warm  appetizers

 National Lithuanian cheese assorti

Smoked and dried meats assorti

 Spicy beans snack with bacon crisps

Black bread toast with spicy cheese cream  (garlic, mayonnaise)

Cold fish appetizers

Salmon Carpaccio with sea cabbage 

Chopped salmon fillet with Tartar sauce  

Country style herring with baked jacket potato

Cold meat appetizers

Chopped Tartar beefsteak with pickled vegetables and sauce

Beef Carpaccio  


Nica’s  salad

Lettuce salad with crab meat and lemon dressing

Stikliai salad with pomegranates and walnuts

Greek salad 

Peasant salad with Italian or French sauce

Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil salad


Spicy lamb soup (goulash)

Lithuanian mushroom soup

Cold beetroot soup served with warm potatoes

Soup of the day

Hot vegetarian dishes 

Lithuanian fried boletuses with fried potatoes

Stuffed aubergine with Ricotto, spinach and Parmesan cheese

 Fish and  seafood dishes

Mussels in white wine sauce with French fries

Grilled  pike-perch with mushrooms and potatoes

Baked halibut with spinach and capers sauce

Grilled  salmon with fresh vegetables and fried potatoes

Meat and Poultry dishes

Grilled Angus beefsteak with green pepper sauce

Grilled pepper beefsteak with baked tomatoes and baked onions  (small portion)

Veal medallions served with mustard sauce

Grilled  pork ribs with ginger

Beer braised smoked pig‘s leg with pickled cabbage and fried potato (for two persons)

Baked Chicken Tabaca

Roasted chicken breast with forest mushrooms, bacon and zucchini cream

Game stew with red cabbage, black currant and juniper sauce

Game sausages with caramelized beetroots

Potato Dishes

Grated potato pancakes with salmon caviar

Grated potato pancakes with salted salmon

Grated potato pancakes with meat

Potato dumplings „Zeppelins“ with meat (allow 30 min. for serving)

Potato dumplings „Zeppelins“ with curd (allow 30 min. for serving)

Flour  Dishes

Lithuanian dumplings stuffed with chopped meat served with bacon crisps or sour cream

Noodles with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese

Tagliatelle with mussels

 Tagliatelle  with ham and cheese 


Dessert „Pavlova“

Molten chocolate cake

Homemade vodka ice-cream with cranberry mousse

Warm apple pie with sour cream

Fruit ice-cream