A La Carte Menu

Cold appetizers 

Sugar crispy smoked salmon with beetroot puree and „graine de citron caviar“

 19,00 €  

Smoked eel appetizer with parsley mousse, leek puree and orange jam


Crispy prawns and mashed tomatoes with honey and spices


Duck liver Foie Gras with raspberry and truffles salad, served with aged Modena balsamic vinegar

 32,00 €

Venison carpaccio with goose liver pâté

 29,00 € 



Hot appetizers 

Yeast raised pancakes with salmon eggs

25,00 €

Snails with spinach, radish and horseradish sauce

16,00 €

Lobster tails baked potato soufflé with crayfish sauce

57,00 €



The kiss of seas

(fish soup with pikeperch, salmon and seafood)

 18,00 € 

Cream soup of forest mushroom served with onion stuffed dumplings and cured ham crisps

13,00 €

Asparagus cream soup with scallops and Jerusalem artichoke cream

23,00 €   

Fish and sea food dishes 

Steamed St Pierre fish with clams and cucumbers

36,00 €

Halibut steak with potatoes risotto and cream of cauliflower

 29,00 €  

 Pikeperch with forest mushrooms, cedar nuts and „Bolonaise“ sauce

 29,00 € 


Meat  dishes 

Fried duck Foie Gras with caramelized onions and orange with honey sauce

42,00 €

 Roasted beef filet with forest mushrooms, spinach, roasted potatoes and green pepper sauce

45,00 €  

Roasted tender loin of veal with browned  eggplant and piquillo-pepper sauce

36,00 €

Roasted  lamb with cedar nuts, polenta, chopped eggplant and rosemary


Roasted duck breast with Sichuan pepper, berries, chestnut puree and aged

balsamic vinegar

35,00 €

Venison fillet Rossini with juniper sauce

 50,00 €  



Chocolate cream „Marquise“ with hazelnut ice cream and dark chocolate filings

13,00 €

Crispy profitrole filled with caramelized apples and nuts cream  served with caramel ice cream

13,00 € 


Molten chocolate “Lava” cake with vanilla ice-cream

13,00 € 

Seasonal berries and fruit sorbet

11,00 €



Please inform your waiter if you have any food allergies or dietary needs.