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A moment we will never forget
There are fateful moments that stick into memory forever – regardless of whether thirty or more years have passed, they remain bright and vivid. We were lucky enough to experience such moment one evening in 1987.

All three of us got into a car and went down to the Old Town of Vilnius to look around for a potential location where we could open our cafe. We walked down the Stikliai street – in the 16th century there were many glassblowing workshops, magnificent pieces of Venetian glass were produced there. And yet, during the Soviet times the street became completely different – gloomy and sombre.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. Instead of tiny dark apartments our imagination created pictures of a warm hotel with a courtyard, filled with flowers. We smiled at each other and believed that naive dreams can indeed come true. And the most beautiful part of the whole story is that the legend of Stikliai, born in the ruins of the Old Town, has truly become a reality, and today we can invite you to the hotel we created ourselves – with wholehearted commitment, years of experience, and love.

Anna, Aleksandras and Romas

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Experience the taste of Stikliai

Stikliai kitchen is well known in the country for its fine dining, serving European and French cuisine, giving a great attention to recipes and using the natural food products that are specially grown up in Dubingiai. “From a seedling, to your table” – such is the motto of the chef at the Stikliai kitchen.

Stikliai Restaurant

Stikliai restaurant has been conquering the hearts of its guests with exceptional atmosphere and gourmet high-class dishes, dominated by masterpieces of European and especially French cuisine ever since 1987. Restaurant serves the best European and French cuisine, giving a great attention to recipes and using organic food products that are specially grown up in Dubingiai. Most vegetables, fruits, berries and spices are grown at a 2.5 ha. farm in Dubingiai.

Stiklai Tavern

A traditional food restaurant Stikliai Tavern, located within the hotel, is a place where you can enjoy the best meals the local cuisine has to offer: meals that are part of the national heritage and food from the interwar period are all worth a try.

Ponių Laimė

Bakery and cafe Ponių Laimė (The Ladies’ Delight), the long-lasting legend of the city, can be found just steps away from the hotel and attracts its guests with delightful sweet aromas.

Our kingdom of top-quality confectionary treats, named after the novel The Ladies’ Delight by French author Émile Zola, brings joy not only for the ladies but also for everyone who loves sweets: it is a perfect place for a cup of coffee paired with a slice of your favourite cake, or desserts for your special day. Our products contain nothing but the best ingredients, our fruits and berries come from our Stikliai farm located in Dubingiai.

Dream Bar

The unique Dream Bar, located in right heart of Vilnius Old town, at the intersection of the Gaono and Stikliai streets, next to the hotel, invites its guests to enjoy splendid top quality world-famous cocktails and gourmet snacks.
The bar greets its guests with arches and authentic architecture. A cigar room is a popular place for ladies and gentlemen where their long conversations just never seem to die off.

Meetings and Events

We pay a special attention to your occasion. Our task is to create exceptional memories.


Ever since the Stikliai was founded, it has hosted many important events: meetings of the members of the Sajudis, honourable receptions by Lithuanian presidents, momentous dinners. Art exhibitions, presentations of various novelties, cultural events and lavish carnivals are being organized here as well.

Meeting Spaces

Stikliai organises weddings, anniversaries, family gatherings, and business meetings. Guests are presented with a number of menu options – from one-bite sandwiches and main courses, to desserts. Sommelier and decoration services are also offered to make the celebration remarkable and exceptional.

Location with a rich history

Over 30 years the Stikliai name associates to the guests with luxury, impeccable service, highest quality and French elegance. The Relais&Chateaux Stikliai complex stands in the historical and cultural heart of Vilnius City – at UNESCO heritage’s Old Town, surrounded by Vilnius characteristically baroque church spires and pastel-colored buildings.

Places to Visit

Take a captivating journey to the capital of Lithuania and its UNESCO heritage’s Old Town and enjoy Your stay at our five star Relais&Chateaux Stikliai Hotel, located between the Town Hall, Presidential Palace, Vilnius University, Cathedral and Palace of the Grand Dukes, and surrounded by numerous churches, museums, galleries and parks.


The area of the old town, where the hotel is located, was a center of glassblowers and other craftsmen who had their work shops in the XV-XVI centuries. The name Stikliai comes for lithuanian „glassblowers“.